Be Sure to Follow Michael Skotnicki's Blog on Appellate Brief Writing, "Briefly Writing."

Having worked both as a staff attorney to several Alabama Supreme Court Justices seeking to help decide appeals impartially and as a practicing attorney seeking to influence the outcome of an appeal in favor of his client by a well-written brief, Michael Skotnicki finds the appellate process to be fascinating and frightening in the manner in which appellate courts decide appeals.  His Wordpress blog, "Briefly Writing," shares his thoughts on the appellate process, the work of writing appeals briefs, the politicization of the courts, and, occasionally, interesting or noteworthy opinions of the Alabama Supreme Court or Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.


The goal of our court systems is for justice to be blind, applied fairly to all. However, in Michael Skotnicki's nearly twenty years of experience, a party to an appeal needs the best advocate he or she can find to try and help achieve that result.